A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You're the Princess, Ada Lovelace, who lived her entire life secluded inside a tower. One day, a prince accepts the challenge of your father to come rescue you and whisk you away to a happily-ever after. Fed up with how you've been treated you decide to it's time to escape on your own with the "help" of your robot butler, Cedric.

Shotgun Princess is a student project designed as part of the University of Texas GAMMA Program in the 3D Game Capstone course.

Members of Fractal Outhaul:

Install instructions

For Windows, you will need WinRAR. With this tool and both .rar files selected, right-click and select "Extract to SP_Windows/"

For Mac, you will need WinZip or similar program. With this tool and the .rar file selected, right-click and select "Extract to SP_Mac/"

After the step that pertains to you, run the ShotgunPrincess application and enjoy.


SP_Windows.part1.rar 500 MB
SP_Windows.part2.rar 181 MB
SP_Mac.rar 456 MB